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CODIT has created a fully integrated smart farming business model using state of the art technology in high impact farming for a new generation of Agropreneurs.



Smart High Impact Farming to deliver Food Security and provide a sustainable lucrative career:

The aim is to positively impact the environment and society as a whole through the use of new technology by:

1. Creating fresh employment opportunities and higher income in the field of smart farming and food sustainability;

2. Minimise carbon footprint and adverse environmental impact through sustainable farming methods; and

3. Deliver food security for the Country by supplying clean, healthy and organic vegetables and fruits for its people.



SHIFT@CODIT requires limited human intervention and reduce risks associated with vegetable farming.  It is capable of producing high yielding organic, pesticide free vegetables and herbs under a controlled environment that is eco friendly,, easy to use and healthy.



The Project will cover the following areas for future Smart Farmers under the Agropreneur Scheme:


1.Role Out SHIFT@CODIT Polybag fertigation and bio-hydroponic greenhouse farm systems.
2.Smart IOT and Technological innovations to monitor supply of nutrients, pest control, maximise plant growth and improve yield and revenue.
3.Efficient and smart farming Agri-Technology to reduce farming and distribution cost, maximise land use, minimise environmental impact and improve standard of living.
4.Training Programme in the area of Smart Farming, Food Science and Digital Agriculture.
5.Trading Exchange and e-commerce marketplace for sales and distribution of organic vegetables, fruits and herbs.
6.Eliminate middleman.
7.Export Programme for HALAL ORGANIC Certified vegetable and herbs.

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